The Jade Roller by Mount Lai Review 2019

The Jade Roller presents itself as an easy to use as well as an effective tool. In the recent past, the use of the tool has been increasing with most users expressing confidence in the product. The Jade Roller by Mount Lai has potential to sooth your skin, thanks to its cooling effects. Besides, the toll is built to promote drainage as well as reduce facial tension.


Package Details

The Jade Roller by Mount Lai is described as an infallible gift set for women. Upon purchasing the tool, it comes packed in a beautiful box. The box contains:

  • The Premium Jade Roller– the primary tool to use for restoring the youthfulness of your face
  • Instructions – to guide you on how to use the tool
  • Gua Sha Scraping Tool – a massaging tool that aims at improving blood circulation
  • A free Natural Gemstone Pendant–a beautiful accessory for women

Note: the box is reusable. After performing your ritual of facial massage, you can return your tools in the box and close it safely.

This unique package is meant to make your experience memorable, as well as give you value for your money.

For a fact, the Mount Lai product works perfectly, partly because it is made from high-grade material. As the name suggests, the facial roller is crafted from 100 percent natural jade. In fact, the producers of this tool use only the highest grade of certified jade stone, i.e., grade AAA.

For this reason, the built of the stone makes it a highly functional tool. On the other and, the handle of the tool is crafted from durable steel. Such a combination makes using the tool effectively.

Although it seems impressive, you must note that there are other similar tools in the market which come at an even lower price than the jade roller. These tools can improve blood circulation, eliminate puffiness in the face reduce jaw tension among other uses. The uniqueness of the Mount Lai product is what accompanies it and how it is put into use.

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Value for Money

If you have read any jade roller review, you might have an idea of what this product cost. At $34 the package is deemed to be expensive as compared to products that work in a similar fashion. Such pricing is a bit discouraging to most buyers.

However, there are a number of things that sets this product apart from the rest. When you purchase the product, you do not only get the facial roller, but you also get a gift (gemstone pendant) and a Gua Sha scraping tool.

This implies that you have everything you need to get that invigorating look. While the jade roller will help de-puff your face and reduce wrinkles, the Gua Sha will help encourage the flow of blood to your face ensuring that each cell gets nutrients. So you have two tools as one set.

The best part is, if you do not like the tool, the Mount Lai will repurchase it from you.

The Xiyuan jade is a unique stone because it has unmatched balancing properties that makes it retain its coolness for a longer time.

Besides, the tool is double-sided, making it effective in massaging all corners of your face: even the smaller surfaces like below your eyes. The two surfaces are the broader side and the smaller side.

While the broader side broader end works well for broader surfaces such as the cheeks, forehead, and jaws, the smaller end works well for the places that are hard to access under the eyes.


First of all, using the jade roller has no risks. In addition, the tool will give you results within a few weeks of using. The only factor you have to put in to practice is using it daily either evening or morning or both for at least 3 minutes if you want accelerated results.

The Jade Roller by Mount Lai is a perfect solution for puffiness, loss of skin firmness and elasticity, and wrinkles and fine lines. That sounds like it restores your facial skin to a youthful look.

The product will simply restore the overall health of face and inject unexpected radiance to your face. That is not all; the tool has great potential to eliminate negative energy from your body.

So, how does it work?

As earlier indicated, it reduces puffiness through promoting drainage in the face. Puffiness is caused by retention of fluid. When you roll the jade stone over puffed areas, it stimulates the lymph vessels to carry away the fluid. This occurs in a matter of minutes.

On your jaws, the jade roller will relieve, and tension builds up due to a busy day or a bad night sleep.

For effective results, use your facial roller with a facial oil or a serum.


Ease of Use

Using the jade roller from Mount Lai is pretty straightforward. You simply have to roll it over your face. Each daily session should last at least 3 minutes. It is called a facial massage ritual because you do it regularly.  As early as two weeks, you’ll start seeing results.

The jade roller stones have some natural variations. As such, you will see some uniqueness in the pattern and color of these products. You should worry!

Maintaining the Jade Roller

Like any other tool, you will need to keep clean the jade roller. You can remove the jade from the tool by simply popping the stone out from its handle.

Clean the stone using clean running water and gentle soap. Let the stone dry before returning it to the handle.

And, while using the roller, some squeaking might occur. In such cases apply drops of oils at the end of the roller.


By reading the jade roller review above, you have a clear picture of what it is. If you’d love to have a firmer and invigorating face, look no further than the jade roller by Mount Lai.